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I was born and brought up in a small town called Nowgaon in Assam from Jamindar family. my great parents came from Afghanistan and settled down in Assam and started their Business with timber and ivory and land owners of Nowgaon town, they were very much into Indian Classical Music,that is why I have inherited my Music from my Grandfather and my father Janab ikramul Majid who was a graduate from Calcutta University in 1935 and while doing this study he learnt music from great Ustad Bade ghulam ali khan sahib..he was the first musician with whose music concert,they have opened a new All India Radio Centre at Guwhati Asaam and he use to regularly sing for Radio, those days it was a avery prestigious issue and he use to compose semi classical Thumris ,Bhajans ,Sufi Sangeet etc and he use to give full Musical Environment in the family and specially to own children. we are five Brothers and sisters ,,our father Late Ikramul Majid gave us training of Indian Classical Vocal Music ..i only come to this profession because of his blessings,,,,teaching and guidance …he showed me the Path of Music World and introduced me to My guru Sangeet Acharya “Pandit Chinmay Lahiriji” and then Laheriji introduced me to Sangeet Martand USTAD DILSAHD KHAN. I did my earlier education in Nowgaon, school were Nowgaons girls Missions high school and later on nowgaons girls govt high school. After that I finished my education at Kolkatta. My mother “Mrs Marufa Majid” she was also very much interested in Music specially Sufiana Kalam(Asammese) and she use to like assamese poetrys and also Bengali Rabindra nath Tagore’s Rabindra sangeet and sharad Chandranoves and short stories she always love to read.her another gift was she was a fantastic cook and she taught us Cooking and gave us interest in reading good books and all kinds of good manners and etiquette in a whole. I am the eldest in the family. After me my brother,his name is “Mohmmand Ibrahim Khan(President of Nowgaon District,Youth Congress,Assam) also a very successful businessman and listener of good Indian Classical Music.My two sisters Mrs Akrama Sultana is also a good singer and a Housewife. The other sister Mrs. Parvez Sultana Ahmed who also sings well and my Youngest Brother Imdad Khan who is also a very successful businessman and very good Singer who sings Semi Classical,Ghazals Etc. I am very proud to be born and brought up in such a Divine and Educated Family..if I have to born again,,, I will pray to God,, I must born in to same family with same Parents,brother, sisters ……What sacrifice they have done for my Musical Career. In my small Nowgaon is a beautiful place with wonderful loving and warm people from which I always use to get best wishes and blessings and I have such wonderful friend Circle by the Grace of God,,we still continue ou friendship till today. I assam most of people are gifts with wonderful music Music is in the air, in valleys as well as in the Mountains because of that effect all Assamese people are very kind, loving and Musical…it’s a great blessings of Almighty Allah.

I met Ustad Dilshad Khan Sahib first time in 1972 in a Music Festival in Mumbai, myself and my Father first time heard him singing Raga Marwa and we both got spellbound after listening to Raga Marwa and after that I use to to listen his music in Radio Programmes and music concerts and I use to get spellbound with his breathtaking fast tans,Sargams and Elaboration of a Raga with Badhat and Vistaar and also beautiful Melodious Thumris and Bhajans.his Music is so very Technical that to Listen to his music and understand the same ,you require proper Knowledge of Music, so I decided that I must learn from this great Musical Genius. I came to under his guidance and started learning music from him from year 1973, end of December. And today whatever I am singing and my elders and my genuine listeners views and remarks that my music have progressed tremendously from all the angles after learning from USTAD DILSHAD KHAN. Both of our likings disliking are so similar as if we are made for each other, so finally we decided to get married and by the grace of God, all people love and blessings, finally we decided to get married in 1975, 26th August at Mumbai and our Musical journey starts. We have together giving Concerts globally more than 9000 which is solo-solo and Jugalbandi. We have only one child, her name is Shadaab Sultana Khan, who also has very good gift of Music. She is regularly doing her Riaz(Practice),learning from her Father and me. she is also a very good student. She has done her graduation in Economics (Hons).she is First class pass Honours Graduate. After that she did her MBA in Marketing. At present she is working for a very big Company as a senior executive Marketing. After having such busy life she is still continuing her music .she is born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra and we are the very musical and alsi a vert religious by the grace of God. We all three of us did our Religious Pilgrim (Haj) and completed the Haj in year 2008, so many people knows us as Haji Family. We are ever grateful to God that whatever Name and Fame and prosperity we are getting that is with fully on our Hard work and without anybody’s help.we are always grateful to Allah Almighty for the same…we came to Mumbai in year 1969 and from that day onwards our Karmabhumi is Maharashtra,Mumbai and our Janma bhumi is Noggaon (Assam) and Kolkata(Bengal). We are ever grateful to Government of Maharashtra and all maharashtrian people who have with all love and respect embraced us with Music and they never allowed us to leave Mumbai. Our grateful thanks and Gratitude to People of Maharashtra and Specially Mumbai. Jai Maharashtra-Jai hind


dilshad khan

Born at Kolkata on the very Auspicious day of Shravani poornima,just half an hour after the sad demise of greatest Legends of Indian culture “Rabindra nath tagore”. Upbringing was a t Kolkata which was the haj of Classical Music. Discarded by Pandit Radhika Mohan Mitra and Pt Gyan Parakash Ghosh started learning Tabla,rediscovered by Late Pt. N.C.Chakraberty of his natural talent of outstanding capabilities.Against my Fathers will my mother helped me to start Vocal Music with influence of Late Pt. Vishwadev chaterjee and Janab Gyan Goswami. My father was an ameture musician and mother was also an ameture Vocalist but the association with “Jhankar “made them connoisseur in music. There are no legends musicians in classical music who have not performed in Jhankaar for recognition so as a child listening to all the Maestros specially Ust.Bade Ghulam Ali khan Sahib, Ust Salamat ali khan sahib.

My initial training started but it was a God send miraicle I heard the instruction, demonstration of “Vladimir Horowitz” Last word for Piano. I was extremely God gifted to transform this notation into 1000 patters (Palatas), which started my original musical Odyssey.

Then my Guru Ustad Fayaz Ahmed khan and Niaz ahmed khan Sahib told me that there are two hands of a man.Right hand is practice,left hand is Theory. They said that your right hand is good and ready but the left hand has to be prepared,with sixdegrees including FIME INDIA and MIME LONDON,MYSELF IS A Chartered engineer,I sacrificed my Career and setteled in Mumbai to Learn the Theory and advance stages of Vocal Music from his both the Gurus.i have done Seniors(Guru seva) of both till their Death and still he visits their granes regularly to get the spiritual and mental strength and their and Begum Parween sultana are the most recorded Vocalists of India in India,France,Germeny,Australia,Russia,Europe,Sweedon and various other counties.between ourselves around 9000 concerts through their life.

Parween-1962 at “Sadarang Music” Started
Dilshad -1960 “Jhankar “started.
We have totally devoted our life in Teaching,Composing Khayals, Thumris, Bhajans, Ghazals, numerous Film song we sang- and won Awards. Now we are totally dedicated to modusoperendi of Performing, Teaching, and Composing. I arranged the colossal process of Judging the 200 cassettes. Classical, semi classical and Light Music . Indian edition of gramy Records ….there I was a judge for Pure Classical Music and Begum Parween Sultana was a judge for Semi classical Music.
When Rajiv Gandhi visited to the Russia for the festival of India 1988 in 1988, he inaugurated and released “Raga Marwa” and “Raga Kaunsi Nat”.

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