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Warm congratulations on the successful launch of the new dry dust collector


In the spring of 2015 on the occasion, also ushered in a new chapter in Kongshan drilling rig, by developing and testing a long time, installation of dry dust removal device of hydraulic drilling rig KS-268 successfully launched. The successful application of the dust removal device has important significance to the product and its customers.
DTH Drill to produce a lot of dust in the open operation process, produce pollution to the atmosphere, serious harm to the health of workers; at the same time, dust to moving parts of the equipment, will accelerate the wear of moving parts, reduce the service life of the equipment, resulting in increased cost of maintenance, to some extent reduce the economic efficiency of enterprises. And the state and society are paying more and more attention to environmental management. To this end, the hole is committed to the original KS-268 model based on the installation of dust collection device. After a long period of continuous exploration and improvement, at the beginning of this year, the final test and put into production. Dust collector with KS268 dust removal effect is ideal, reduce dust damage to the machine, improve efficiency, more important is to improve the working environment of the staff, for environmental protection to do our part.



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