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Provincial Environmental Protection Department announced in 2015 enterprises have the following 14 a




(a) environmental violations constitute environmental crimes;
(two) the construction project environmental impact assessment document fails to pass the examination and approval, unauthorized construction;(three) the environmental protection facilities of the construction projects are not completed, the environmental protection measures are not implemented, and the environmental protection acceptance or acceptance of the project is not completed, the main project is put into production or use;
(four) the nature of the project, construction scale and location, the production process or the pollution prevention and control, to prevent the occurrence of major changes in the ecological damage, not to file for approval of environmental impact assessment, puts into production or use;(five) the total discharge of major pollutants exceeds the control target;
(six) kangaroo underground pipe or the use of seepage wells, pits, cracks, caves and other emissions, dumping and disposal of water pollutants, or through illegal bypass air pollutants emission;
(seven) the illegal discharge, dumping and disposal of hazardous waste units or individuals, or no business license or beyond the business scope or entrust its collection, storage, use and disposal of hazardous wastes;
(eight) environmental violations caused by centralized drinking water sources of water interruption;
(nine) environmental violations caused significant adverse impact on the environment of drinking water source protection areas, nature reserves, national key ecological function areas, scenic areas, residential areas, basic farmland protection areas and other sensitive areas;
(ten) the illegal exploitation of natural resources, the construction of transportation infrastructure, and other development and construction activities have caused serious ecological damage;
(eleven) the occurrence of larger and more sudden environmental events;
(twelve) by the environmental protection departments to supervise the handling, completion of overdue rectification;
(thirteen) to refuse or obstruct the inspection of the staff of the environmental protection department on the spot by means of violence or threat;(fourteen) in violation of the relevant provisions of the heavy pollution weather emergency plan, poor response to heavy pollution weather.



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