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[regulations] Hunan to carry out the construction of mining registration quality activities strictly


Recently, Hunan Provincial Department issued the "notice on registration of quality construction of mining activities" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), from the late April to the end of December, to carry out the registration quality construction of mining activities in Hunan province within the. The main task and goal is to further simplify and clarify mining procedures, registration, accreditation information and relevant requirements, in accordance with the law for proper disposal of mining rights expired, ultra vires certification, mining area of roadway overlap, such as cross-border issues, strict access to exploitation of mineral resources, strengthening grass-roots staff and mining enterprises to mine awareness to regulate the registration of mining work, improve processing efficiency and quality of work, promote the rational development and utilization of resources.
Notice requirements from nine aspects of the quality of construction activities, as follows:
1, to further standardize the relevant examination and approval matters, to further simplify and clarify the approval process, streamline the processing of information, straighten out the relevant departments, branches, business processes between stocks;
2, improve the approval method, on the basis of the pilot, the implementation of mining registration online reporting, reduce the burden on enterprises and grassroots;
3, the new legislation, expanding industry and integration of mine, strengthen the mining rights field verification, to ensure compliance with relevant national industrial policies and planning, mining area, reasonable production scale to meet the requirements of mining methods and technology feasible, mineral rights do not overlap;
4, strengthen the development and utilization of mineral resources program review;
5, to further improve the mining rights mortgage filing management, the implementation of the assessment of the value of the mortgage expert review system;
6, according to the disposal of overdue mining rights, the right to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of all mining, mining permits to find out the expiration date, research and development measures;
7, according to the law to rectify unauthorized certification, from mining minerals, reserves and other aspects, the city and county issuing mining rights to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, find out the situation of unauthorized disposal, certification, certification authority to correct the law;
8, properly handle the problems left over by the history of mine. For different situations, research and develop solutions to solve the problems related to history;
9, the organization to carry out the basic mine management staff and mining rights training.



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