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[infrastructure] development and Reform Commission: there will be hundreds of billions of steady gro


According to the NDRC website information, since May 18th approved a total of over $450 billion in infrastructure projects, the future will also have a series of steady growth project started to fall, including this year will be more than 430 billion yuan of investment in network construction. At the same time, many local PPP project is speeding up, some tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of project launched.
According to the insiders, according to various macroeconomic indicators, the current steady growth pressure, accelerate investment in infrastructure projects is the starting point for steady growth. Relevant departments are stepping up efforts to develop a number of financial initiatives to support infrastructure investment, increase financial support. The market should pay attention to the positive situation of private capital to participate in infrastructure investment, which will become an effective complement to the government led investment in infrastructure, and will help to improve operational efficiency.
Project approval to speed up
National Development and Reform Commission in May 20th approved the Nanjing, Nanchang and Hohhot three urban rail transit construction plan, involving a total investment of 215 billion 191 million yuan. In the previous 18 days, the development and Reform Commission focused on the disclosure of the large infrastructure projects, including the 4 railway projects and urban rail transit projects, the total investment is expected to reach $243 billion 577 million 2. So far, just 3 days, there have been more than 450 billion yuan investment in railway traffic approved.
For dense approved railway transit projects, experts said that at present China's downtown pressure on the economy is still relatively large, foreign trade by the international market, and consumption growth in the short term is difficult to have a big improvement, to stimulate economic growth in the short term investment only, and the railway project investment is relatively large, and can bring such as steel and cement many other industries, therefore, the national development and Reform Commission approved the project will be intensive railway track.
That held at the national development and Reform Commission NDRC fixed asset investment division deputy director Luo Guosan on the macroeconomic situation and policy conference, may launch a number of major projects in the new package. According to the actual situation of major projects, and continuously enrich and perfect the dynamic adjustment of the package, the major projects, in line with the direction of the conditions of the supplement in, the formation of the "group of four", namely "the implementation of a number of approved, a group, a group of reserves, planning a number of".
Minsheng Securities believes that this year to complete the 7% GDP target, infrastructure investment growth of at least to reach 25%, the scale of up to 14 trillion, which means that after the construction of the second quarter of the investment will be significantly higher than the first quarter of three.
Increased financial support
Monetary policy again and again is the key to promote the implementation of the project around the ring. In May 11th the central bank cut interest rates again, which is in the last third months of last year and in March this year after the current round of interest rate cuts in the previous month, less than a month, the central bank has just lowered the deposit rate by 1 percentage points.
In May 13th, the State Council executive meeting decided to add 500 billion yuan of credit asset securitization pilot scale pilot banks, freeing funds should be used wisely, focusing on water conservancy, penggai, Midwest railway construction and other fields.
In May 15th, the Ministry of finance, the central bank and the CBRC jointly issued a document again, urging local governments and banking financial institutions shall properly handle the company financing platform financing for projects under construction, the distinction between the stock and incremental implementation of classification management, compliance to actively support the company's financing platform financing for projects under construction, in construction projects to ensure orderly. To meet the financing needs of the real economy reasonably, effectively prevent and resolve financial risks, and bank financing platform for the company's loans shall not blindly pumping loans, loan pressure, stop lending.
Guotai Junan report that the recent steady growth combined to make the traditional steady growth mode is more clear, the local government financing platform to stop. The next RMB loans to the rapid expansion of sheet financing will continue to limit the risk-free interest rate a stirring among the dry bones, downward.
PPP propulsion acceleration
The website of the Ministry of water conservancy 21 disclosure, recently, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of water resources jointly issued the "notice" on the social capital to participate in the construction of major water conservancy projects the first batch of pilot work, Heilongjiang reservoir, Anhui reservoir Xiang Jiang struggle and Fujian Whitehead Lishui base, Guangdong Hanjiang high Po water conservancy hub, Guizhou Maling 12 water conservancy projects as the national level with the pilot, launched the first batch of social capital to participate in major water conservancy construction and operation of the pilot work, through 2 years, explore replicable, replicable experience, promote the improvement of the cooperation between government and social capital (PPP) policy mechanism.
From all over the situation, the current PPP cooperation projects around the country is accelerating.
The second half of last year, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission has issued a series of policies to encourage the operation of PPP, while the Ministry of Finance launched 30 demonstration projects, local governments are actively exploring how to carry out the operation of the PPP project, and the impact of large, wide range can be said that the unexpected.
Because the PPP project has the characteristics of complex project conditions, long implementation cycle and other characteristics, it is often difficult to receive effective feedback information in a short period of time, and then improve the relevant government departments to follow the policy adjustments and improvements. At the same time, local governments eager to have launched a series of PPP projects, each city, even hundreds of billions of billions of investment projects, therefore, if it has been completed from seven, eight thousand PPP project experience and lessons learned, can be directly benefit." In China PPP Salon (eighth) - the center of Dalian city waste incineration project experience in PPP will be introduced, one participant said, at present, the success of the project has been completed many failures and detours there are many projects. asHow to draw lessons from these projects to help the current implementation of the PPP project detours, it is particularly important.
CICC believes that the market should pay attention to the positive situation of private capital to participate in infrastructure investment, which will become an effective complement to government led investment in infrastructure, and will help improve operational efficiency. 20% of the current high growth in infrastructure investment can be sustained. This is because monetary and fiscal policy will increase the intensity of the anti cyclical policy adjustments, the public sector infrastructure investment growth may remain stable high. The government of more private capital to participate in infrastructure investment encouragement, directional loose preferential policies, stable cash flow return, and the adjustment of the real estate industry, will attract more private capital in infrastructure investment, private infrastructure investment will be an effective supplement of government investment.



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